Meeting of veterinary committees of Iran, France, China, and Ukraine


Head of the Iranian Veterinary Organization met with the Head of Veterinary Affairs of France, and the French Veterinary Head congratulated the Director of Veterinary Affairs of Iran for his appointment as the Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific region of the OIE, and expressed his willingness for the development of cooperation between Iran and France.

Dr. Rafiee Pour, after pointing out the important role of France in the European Union, has told that: in order to facilitate trade practices in health related areas, we have reviewed and revised health certificates, based on the request from the European Union, and they are in the process of being operational in order to facilitate trade in health. He called for training courses for veterinarians in new technologies.

In this meeting, the veterinary committees of Iran, China and Ukraine met each other in separate sessions. In the meeting between Iran and China Veterinary and Food Chairs, the head of the Iranian Veterinary Organization called for the facilitation of export of fishery products and poultry from Iran to China.

He then called for a memorandum of understanding to be signed by the two parties, i.e. Iran and China.

Moreover, in this meeting, the veterinary teams from Iran, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine also met each other. Veterinary presidents from Syria, Palestine and Jordan also congratulated Dr. Rafiei Pour on his selection as the Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific region of the OIE.

Translated by: F.KH 
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